Successful Businesswoman Prioritizes Philanthropy

(Construction) – Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy, the director of Golden Top Group, is a highly successful entrepreneur turned ardent philanthropist.

Entrepreneurship blood runs in the family: Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy followed her entrepreneur father into business. Her father, Ms. Nguyen Gia Thao was one of the most popular entrepreneurs in Northern Vietnam in the 1980s and early- to mid-1990s. He was the former general director of Hai Phong Leather Products and Footwear Factory, the largest footwear production factory in Northern Vietnam at that time.

Mr. Nguyen Gia Thao, Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy and her husband, Mr. Mitrchaiyanant Chatchawat visited the Prime Minister, Mr. Phan Van Khai on his birthday.

In the late 1800s, suffering from a shortage of Slovakia’s market demand, Hai Phong Leather Products and Footwear Factory was being temporarily shut down. Mr. Nguyen Gia Thao, with the entrepreneurial spirit and intensity, faced the uphill battle by maximizing productivity, taking advantage of Vietnamese “Doi Moi” socialist-oriented market economy to build the new markets and attract overseas investors and as a result, found a Taiwain company as a long-term strategic trading partner.

In the early 1900s, under the agreement of the Vice Chairman of State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC), Mr. Nguyen Gia Thao officially signed a long-term business contract with the Taiwan company. This cooperation led to the factory not only overcoming economic obstacles, but also boosting labor productivity and investing in infrastructure to sustain job creation and wage growth, adding value to the company capital, restructuring and maximizing business performance and production, and accelerating the social and economic development of Hai Phong area. Mr. Nguyen Gia Thao was awarded as “The Hero of Labor” due to his exceptionally outstanding business achievement in “Doi Moi” period.

Besides an astute businessman, Mr. Nguyen Gia Thao was a benevolent employer who always communicated, personally and individually, that he cared about each and everyone of his employees. He had longstanding interests in reducing poverty, improving incomes and developing the quality of life for his workers, and often took the lead on the local and regional charity. Mr. Nguyen Giao Thao died at age 70. More than thousand mourners came to his funeral to pay their respects.

Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy took over the Hai Phong Leather Products and Footwear Factory run by her father, Mr. Nguyen Gia Thao. She, along with her husband – Mr. Mitrchaiyanant Chatchawat, built a new brand- Golden Top Group. The company focuses on leather footwear, handbag and luggage. Besides the factories in Hai Phong area, the company has formally opened a new factory in Southern Vietnam, making moves to amplify its presence and creating a huge amount of employment across the country.

Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy wears three hats in life. As a businesswoman, she is keenly focused on building relationships with customers, engaging employees, openning up new markets, building up the brand in order to improve the company’s profitability. As a Buddhist, she is an important influencer in passing on the faith that is “one good turn deserves another”. From this perspective, Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy has been stepping up her role as an active mega-donor in the Hai Phong City, focusing mainly on combating disadvantage and poverty, helping poor households to welcome the happy upcoming Tet festival.

Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy’s strong beliefs in Buddhism spiritual goodness and faithful are a theme throughout her businesses, from building relationships with customers, engaging employees to openning up new markets and beyond. Her business philosophy is: “You want to be good in business, you want to be a success in your life, but you also have a strong instinct that tells you life wouldn’t be much unless it had a spiritual side to it.” (The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life, pg. 25)

Golden Top Group is the top philanthropic company, focusing on improving incomes, developing the quality of life for employees, creating many charitable foundations with the mission of helping disadvantaged children succeed in the future, and lending cash to empoyees to invest in their business startup projects. Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy has always been at the center of philanthropic activities, including hunger eradication, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, aid to disadvantaged children in remote areas, assistance for the disabled, elderly and victims of Agent Orange, etc.

March 6, 2017, Conference Center, the Adora Premium Wedding, Ho Chi Minh City – The artist Le Phuong hosted the seventh “For the humanity” event. At the event, Ms. Nguyen Kim was honored with an award for “Community Ambassador”. She was also a key player in the philanthrosphere by providing financial support for the Nhan Tam House for homeless and disabled orphans.

May 27, 2017, Van Yen, Yen Bai Province – Golden Top Group hosted a housing hand-over ceremony to assist low-income families threatened by climate disaster in areas. At the ceremony, four new steel-frame houses were presented to the four low-income families in Yen Bai commune, including, Mr. Hoang Van Thanh’s, Ms. Nguyen Thi Mung’s, Mr. Nguyen Van Lon’s, and Mr. Luong Van Vi’s. Ms. Hoang Van Thanh said: “My dream comes true. Without the tremendous supports of Vietnam Communist Party, the chairman of Van Yen District People’s Committee, and Golden Top Group, we would have never been able to own this good house that can protect us from the dramatic weather changes as well as the extreme weather conditions like typhoons. The new house would strengthen our motivation for fighting poverty.”

August 27, 2017, Thanh My Town, Can Tho City – Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy, along with Tue Tam VH group and Sen Tu Tam Group ( Class of 12A1 – School year 1982 – 1985 at Ngo Quyen school, Hai Phong) held the inauguration ceremony of Tue Tam 08 bridge. This is the 8th charity bridge sponsored by Tue Tam VH for low-income households in Western provinces. This bridge is serving daily travel for more than 1000 people. The previous bridges were built in Dong Thap, Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Ben Tre, etc.

At the “Have yourself a happy Tet festival” ceremony hold by Nguyen Gia Thao Charity Foundation, Golden Top Group and Sao Sang Group visited and presented the Tet gifts to the low-income households in Van Huong and Tien Lang District. Ms. Doan Thi Nguyen said: “We could not afford to celebrate Tet. Without the generous help of donors, we would have never had a happy and sufficient Tet”.

Golden Top Group is also one of the most sophisticated funding foundation for Hai Phong mental hospital. With an eye on human rights, the company has been giving big for the disabled, elderly and victims of Agent Orange at Hoa Phuong nursing homes and orphanages. At Hoa Phuong orphanages, Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy has acted as a guardian for a victim of Agent Orange – Tran Thanh Phuong.

Entrepreneurship is a long road but Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuy believes that her human-right- oriented business philosophy, unbounded optimism and ability to navigate will lead to her destination. Her business philosophy is: “the goal of business and in fact of all human endeavor, is to enrich ourselves- to achieve prosperity, both outer and inner. We can enjoy this prosperity only if we maintain a high degree of physical and mental health. And over the length of over lives we must seek ways to make this prosperity meaningful in a larger sense.” (The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life, pg. 7)



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